Vinnytsia Regional State Administration

Vinnytsia region

Founding date of the region – 27 February, 1932
Territory – 26,5 thousand km2 (4,4% of Ukraine)
Population (January 2011), thousand persons:
total – 1650.6
urban – 814.2
rural – 836.4
Density – 62.3 persons/km2

Distance from Vinnytsia to Kyiv:
by railway – 222 km
by road – 260 km

Region borders with the Republic of Moldova, the length of the common border - 202 km. It also borders with 7 another regions of Ukraine. This geographical position creates favorable conditions for the development of region’s economy.

Administrative division

Districts (raions) – 27
Cities of regional importance – 6
District councils (raion rada) – 27
Cities of district importance – 12
Rural settlement municipalities - 28
Local (rural) municipalities – 661
Villages - 1466


Vinnytsia region has a diversified industrial complex. The main purpose of the regional industrial policy is to create favorable environment for local enterprises. Region occupies second place in Ukraine in terms of food production.
Vinnytsia region has diversified industrial complex. Volumes of sales of products are distributed between following industries: food industry (55,4%), electric power engineering industry (23,1%), machine-building industry (5,0%), chemical and petrochemical industry (4,7%), timber industry (3,2%) etc.
Region specializes in the production of food.
Share of goods of widespread use is 71,2%.
14 sugar mills and 9 spirit plants were in Vinnytsia region in 2010.

Agricultural sector

Region’s agricultural area is more than 2 million hectares. The fertility of soils in the region reaches 60-65 units (according to 100-point scale). Region occupies 9-th place in Ukraine in the agricultural areas.

4.2% of gross agricultural production of Ukraine is produced in Vinnytsia region. The region has the largest sugar beet complex. It also holds the leading positions in production of grain crops, potato growing, gardening and live stock breeding. 13.8% of region’s area is under the sugar beet, 5.6% - under grain crops.

Agricultural sector of the region has grain and sugar beet specialization with the advanced meat and dairy cattle.

Transport and technical infrastructure


The region has an extensive network of national and local roads – 9524 km.
Ukraine occupies the first place in Europe for transitivity of its territory (and Vinnytsia oblast is on the first place in Ukraine). Density of roads in oblast is one of the largest in Ukraine - 356 km. per 1000 square kilometers.

There are following roads of international importance in the region:
M - 12 road "Stryi - Ternopil - Kirovograd - Znamianka - 181.9 km. - part of European road E 50 "Brest (France) - Paris - Prague (Czech Republic) - Uzhgorod (Ukraine) - Donetsk - Rostov (Russian Federation) - Makhachkala;
M - 21 road "Zhytomyr – Vinnytsia - Mogyliv-Podilsky - 178.1 km. - part of European road E 583 "Roman (Romania) - Iasi - Balti (Moldova) - Mogyliv-Podilsky (Ukraine) - Vinnytsia - Zhytomyr.

In the future there will be transport corridors “Europe – Caucasus – Asia” (TRACECA) and “Gdansk – Odesa” in the region.


Airport “Vinnytsia” is located 7.5 km east of Vinnytsia railway station, 1 km south-west of Havryshivka.
The airport has a license to service international flights. The length of the runway is 2 500 m. and it makes possible to serve aircrafts like Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.
It is situated in the centre of Ukraine and has convenient transport conditions (railway and automobile) for passengers and cargos.
Capacity of the airport complex is 150 passengers per hour. Crossing point across the state border of Ukraine was created and provided with all necessary equipment and supplies.

Airport stuff is trained and certified in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements. There are many vacant places with asphalt concrete surface for airlines in the airport.
Vinnytsia air traffic service prepared airport stuff for conducting radio communication in English. The airport received a license for international flights and was introduced in English-language edition “AIP of Ukraine”.


Vinnytsia region has an extensive network of railways (1124 km) which connects all main industrial centers of the region with Ukrainian, CIS and EU cities.
The largest rail centers of Vinnytsia oblast are Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, Koziatyn and Vapniarka.

Gas and oil

There are three main pipelines in oblast: Urengoy - Pomary - Uzhgorod, Soyuz, Dashava – Kyiv which supply natural gas to the EU countries. In the region 9300 km of gas distribution networks are in the run. There is also pipeline “Odessa – Brody” in the region which has a technological gap. It gives the possibility to build a plant for processing crude oil in this place.

Mineral resources

Vinnytsia region is a land with extremely rich mineral resources. There are 426 deposits of 15 different kinds of mineral resources. Land is rich in peat deposits, unique deposits of granite, fluorite, garnet and kaolin. There are also a great number of mineral water springs including the one in Khmilnyk with high radon content.
Region has large deposits of kaolin. Glyhivetskyi mining complex produces almost one third of kaolin in Ukraine
Vinnytsia region is the only place in Ukraine with explored deposits of garnet. This mineral refers to precious stone and can be used as abrasive material. In the industry of building materials commonly used sand and gravel. It was found deposits of bauxite - ore rich in aluminum. According to geologists deposits can be estimated as nearly 3 million tons.
There are many mineral water springs in the region: mineral medicinal and table. Their geological exploration is the question of the time. Its usage during world deficit of water resources is guaranteed.